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Science fiction, Fantasy, Horror

I grew up in Plovdiv, Bulgaria, among the ruins of 8000 years of civilizations. A kid of the 80’s, I read my way through libraries’ worth of books, as yet another empire collapsed around me. I read under blankets, in bread lines, in the basement (where ten thousand books lay in carboard boxes), on my way to school, in the thyme-schented meadows of Rila mountain, and the pine forests of the Rhodope.

Stories raised me, educated me, taught me how to be a human. At the time, I thought they did that for everyone who needed it–I thought they squatted in libraries, just waiting for a kid to walk by alone so they can attach themselves. I didn’t even consciously understand they had authors until much later. In my head, the books were reality and writers were some abstract notion. So abstract that I never even imagined I could be one. But the stories have a mind of their own. 

Science Fiction
Dark Fantasy
Weird Horror

Published works:

Behind Her, Trailing Like Butterfly Wings, Apex Magazine, December 2007.

We’ll Be Fine After You, with Max Markowitz, 7×7 LA, 2021.

Rendezvous With Yellow Jacket, HIVEMIND: Global Speculative fiction, Georgia Tech University, 2021.

The Loneliness of the Long-Distance Reporter, Tor, March 2021; (Upcoming) Best Horror of the Year volume 15

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